The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with I.
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Crossword Answers for "News the teacher would welcome in any form?"

Added on Thursday, June 14, 2018

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  1. Intelligence
    1. Military wit?
    2. Mind telling niece off?
    3. Complicated genetic line includes line producing cleverness
    4. Information from spies
    5. Fancy telling niece what mi6 is after!
    6. In conclusion to meeting, clientele appearing stupid — this lacking?


  1. A spaniard's welcome to return to australia, and welcome in part of america
  2. It's not welcome, though welcome as a bargain, by the sound of it
  3. Teacher is welcome after parent, endlessly strict
  4. Player of the bad teacher in 'bad teacher'
  5. Unusually, girls let teacher do what a teacher must do
  6. Something your poetry teacher might assign you to write about a particularly inspirational poetry teacher you've had *hint* *hint*
  7. Teacher's ___ (teacher's favorite)
  8. Teacher's ___ (to be the teacher's favorite)
  9. Teacher back in classroom i see teacher returning greeting
  10. Taking introduction to heart would make this flyer welcome
  11. You and i would welcome the inland revenue; that's unusual!
  12. If this were under the piano one would not welcome such gifts
  13. Coming to it, such a ward would not be welcome
  14. Approaching such a ward would not be welcome
  15. You might find it welcome; a scot would only weep
  16. In the direction of the ward one would not be welcome
  17. Anything that's so soothing would be welcome
  18. This ward would not be welcome and not u
  19. This sort of ward would not be welcome in a hospital
  20. How 34 across would not be welcome over the ward


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  3. 1982 norwegian pop group known for the song take on me hyph
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  5. New on the block, boy band that debuted in 1984 and which is known for the song step by step
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