Wall Street 23 January 2021 Crossword Clues

  1. Said mine! say
  2. Big brother's nation in 1984
  3. Officiated
  4. Patriot games director noyce
  5. British dependency gives the lowdown on vanishing ships?
  6. Triple crown site between churchill downs and belmont
  7. …but i might be wrong
  8. Nightwood author djuna
  9. Cottage resident perhaps
  10. Star wars battle craft with a reduplicative name
  11. Google's smart-home brand
  12. Partner of rules informally
  13. Heavyweight tiptoes around the edge of the ring?
  14. 1999 heisman winner ron
  15. Palindromic flour used in naan
  16. Who's there? answer perhaps
  17. Fluffy pup packs a punch?
  18. Cemetery road writer greg
  19. Rowers finish at exactly the same time?
  20. Becomes foggy as glasses
  21. Sean's game of thrones role
  22. Silent star clara gasps for breath?
  23. Web portal with a butterfly logo
  24. It takes two aptly
  25. People with summer birthdays
  26. Call me by your name star armie sings his heart out?
  27. Stop carrying
  28. Les parents give it to l'enfant
  29. Person with a spring birthday
  30. Tried to win
  31. Singer eddie blows a fuse?
  32. Company started in an austin dorm room
  33. Org. focused on cleaning up others' acts
  34. Bohemian wardrobe-enhancing events and a hint to this puzzle's theme
  35. Satiric prize for scientific research
  36. Mr. deeds goes to town director frank
  37. Result of pulling the goalie
  38. Take two steps back
  39. The burgomaster of delft and his daughter painter
  40. Irredeemable rogue
  41. Train hopper
  42. Laura of marriage story
  43. Pal of pythias
  44. Nirvana's final studio album
  45. South american schlepper
  46. Overtake in a flash
  47. Pops up
  48. Virtual people in a popular game franchise
  49. Champaign athletes casually
  50. Paper plane type
  51. Bellhop's burdens
  52. Leaps for mirai nagasu
  53. Dial in a bathroom
  54. Presidential perk
  55. Messes (with)
  56. Words before tear or dare
  57. Won back the favor of
  58. Lunch announcement
  59. 1980 anne murray song
  60. Fires off an email
  61. Target of seti searches
  62. Many a singer on kidz bop
  63. Russian car company
  64. Curry on the court
  65. To be in bolivia
  66. Dir. from iowa city to st. louis
  67. Initials seen at many marijuana dispensaries
  68. Ego nwodim's show initially
  69. The poet in my heart in a fleetwood mac song
  70. Clubber lang's portrayer in rocky iii
  71. Some luxury suits
  72. Alley-oop catching site
  73. Paying particular attention to
  74. Totally win over
  75. Meat market
  76. Give my regards to broadway songwriter
  77. Abbr. on cornerstones
  78. Keeps in the loop in a way