New York Times 29 June 2020 Crossword Clues

  1. Tacks on
  2. Sight on an english farm
  3. Slacker role for jeff bridges in the big lebowski
  4. ___ is an emotion in motion: mae west
  5. With 25-across get as much approval from an audience as possible
  6. With 29-across like a deer in headlights
  7. What people tend to do when a rush-hour subway train arrives
  8. With 47-across not change anyones mind say
  9. Forest of fangorn resident in fiction
  10. With 48-across stops wasting time
  11. Default consequence
  12. Have an influence (on)
  13. Mathematical concepts suggested eight times in this puzzle
  14. Im telling the truth!
  15. One of the seven dwarfs
  16. Yeatss the lake ___ of innisfree
  17. Bad place for a fly in a saying
  18. With 85-across uncomfortably accurate
  19. With 88-across sacrificed
  20. Place that processes ore
  21. Eponym of the worlds largest church
  22. State whose capital is dispur
  23. Drum that can be played with a brush
  24. Cleans as a deck
  25. With 107-across bad sort of competition
  26. Freak on a leash metal band
  27. With 112-across your misfortune is nothing special
  28. Jocular lead-in to macation
  29. Abstract artist de kooning known for her portraits
  30. Important faculty for school
  31. Lively french dance popular in the baroque era
  32. Brand whose sales skyrocketed after the release of e.t.
  33. Sister of laertes
  34. Theyre scored from 1 to 5
  35. Whats found at one end of a rainbow
  36. Sources of norse mythology
  37. More throaty
  38. Level for one
  39. There warnt no home like a raft … speaker
  40. Part of a hammer
  41. One variety of love
  42. Stun in a way
  43. They might be caught in the rain
  44. Charons domain
  45. Sanders who played in a world series and two super bowls
  46. ___ woo-shik co-star of 2019s parasite
  47. Potentially risky thing to drop in a relationship
  48. Kind of cuisine thats often eaten with ones hands
  49. Dont pay attention to that
  50. Actor dev of lion
  51. Lick (up)
  52. Stop the flow of
  53. Deviation in flight
  54. Was bested by
  55. They have your life hanging by a thread
  56. They might involve impersonating a dealer
  57. Kingdom east of babylonia
  58. Mini-albums in brief
  59. Ship with three banks of oars
  60. Tells off
  61. Dental covering similar to a crown
  62. Foe of the morlocks in sci-fi
  63. Major export of tuscany
  64. Place to hang holiday lights
  65. Something drawn by a jerk maybe
  66. What a digitigrade stands on