New York Times 13 July 2020 Crossword Clues

  1. The king of latin pop
  2. The tale of ___ puddle-duck (beatrix potter childrens book)
  3. Give an address
  4. Ruler of the afterlife in egyptian mythology
  5. Benefit of some online purchases
  6. Chore for a censor?
  7. With at a café
  8. The cards on scoreboards
  9. Chore for a satellite tv technician?
  10. Waynes sidekick in old s.n.l. skits
  11. What a digital subscription might end
  12. Certify formally with to
  13. Scientist who said i have no special talents. i am only passionately curious
  14. Chore for a security guard?
  15. Notch-like
  16. Like a list of lists of lists
  17. Kristen of bridesmaids
  18. Having zero talent for
  19. Person to look out for
  20. Chore for a rower?
  21. Chore for a knight?
  22. Icy moon of jupiter
  23. Come to think of it …
  24. Chore for a dog-walker?
  25. Statement before a demonstration
  26. Its spotted at the craps table
  27. Fool in canadian slang
  28. Chore for an n.f.l. owner?
  29. Pro at deductions
  30. Daughter of katie holmes and tom cruise
  31. The princess bride character ___ montoya
  32. Chore for a bowling alley employee?
  33. Carrying a key?
  34. Double-black diamond section of a ski mountain with the
  35. With a firm grip
  36. Conference attendees clip-on
  37. Tropical sorbet flavor
  38. The peoples choice
  39. Abbr. on a city limits sign
  40. Certain spanish surrealist paintings
  41. Ticked off
  42. Cause of a small setback
  43. Worlds largest tennis stadium familiarly
  44. Hitting the right note
  45. Where groucho chico and harpo spent a night
  46. Like most modern tvs informally
  47. Judo levels
  48. Most common surname in brazil
  49. Nintendo gaming console with a pileup of vowels
  50. Tourney format for short
  51. Potential result of social unrest
  52. ___ mess (traditional english dessert)
  53. Germ thats passed from one child to another
  54. Redundant name for a drink
  55. Captain with a whalebone leg
  56. Bad thing for a bluffer
  57. Home to the landmark koko crater
  58. Served as
  59. Its due south of hollywood
  60. Shoving match in a way
  61. Isolated team of workers in business-speak
  62. That hits the spot
  63. Michelle of crazy rich asians
  64. Helmet opening
  65. Actor robert of spenser: for hire
  66. Like the rank of major general
  67. Vessel whose name anagrams to where it might be used
  68. Open space in a forest
  69. Like investing in a start-up
  70. Loops in in a way