New York Times 08 August 2020 Crossword Clues

  1. Seat of hillsborough county with a population of 400000+
  2. Spread with out
  3. Setting for much of life of pi
  4. When nato was formed
  5. Actress price who co-starred on cbss rules of engagement
  6. Ring highlights?
  7. Bit of german street food informally
  8. Form moisture in a way
  9. Oh no you ___!
  10. Demographic myth often used with respect to asian-americans
  11. Sitcom regular at monks cafe
  12. Seasonal milkshake flavor informally
  13. Its just above a 4
  14. What newcomers learn with the
  15. Feature in many depictions of buddha
  16. [is this thing on?]
  17. Hard-to-believe filings at the n.s.a.
  18. What was originally used as a yellow dye before its best-known property was discovered
  19. Kids fixation
  20. Joint that sells joints
  21. Entered angrily say
  22. Hit the town
  23. It starts right out of the gate
  24. Money for a bullet train ticket maybe
  25. Muscle that can be exercised by dumbbells for short
  26. Super six of old autodom
  27. The taj mahal e.g.
  28. They have many outlets
  29. Place to go that requires cash at the door?
  30. ___ petry first female african-american writer with a million-selling novel (the street)
  31. Content of some chats in brief
  32. Conjoined title character of 1990s-2000s nickelodeon cartoons
  33. Big name in luxury handbags
  34. Word that sounds like orange in a classic knock-knock joke
  35. Eliciting a blech!
  36. Some trips to resupply festivities
  37. Word of dismissal
  38. Downplay the significance of
  39. 2019 event for uber briefly
  40. Places for demos
  41. Makes the rounds on a weekend night say
  42. Cher for example
  43. Kind of coat
  44. Let know with off
  45. Too forward
  46. Metaphorical source of irritation
  47. Zoom call option
  48. Daughter of tethys in greek mythology
  49. Infinitive verb suffix in italian
  50. Like ballet dancers at times