New York Times 07 August 2020 Crossword Clues

  1. Drink thats hard on the stomach?
  2. Place to get a variety of views
  3. Friendly term of address in france
  4. They have many followers online
  5. Crunchy candy bar since 1930
  6. Take off in a hurry
  7. Some bridges connect them
  8. Cover with perfume
  9. Without considering the consequences
  10. Spread all around
  11. Mary barra for g.m. beginning in 2014
  12. Pastries with a portmanteau name
  13. Do minimal work and succeed
  14. Move like a snail
  15. Ancient greek birthplace of parmenides
  16. Stokes say
  17. Tippi on the hollywood walk of fame
  18. Totally relaxed so to speak
  19. A filter might be used for one
  20. High-risk bond rating
  21. Eager reply to an invitation
  22. Be someone youre not
  23. Paid for a ride in a way
  24. Classic works by the poet martial
  25. Always down
  26. Underperformed colloquially
  27. Broadway hit informally
  28. The olympic australis is the worlds largest discovered one
  29. Golf hole spec: abbr.
  30. Cmon tell me!
  31. Breaker of a celebrity breakup maybe
  32. Extermination target
  33. One side of baseballs freeway series rivalry
  34. Film part for frank sinatra and george clooney
  35. Creatures whose males barely eat or drink during incubation
  36. Spicy condiment from north africa
  37. Game played on a dirt court
  38. Former company with a crooked logo appropriately enough
  39. Request to a couch hog
  40. Increasing source of internet revenue
  41. Symptom checker offerer
  42. Poet whose name consists of side-by-side opposites
  43. Father of king arthur
  44. Bonus feature of a sort
  45. Hard to let go of in a way
  46. Acts in a grandmotherly way say
  47. Leonard ___ subject of a 1983 mockumentary
  48. ___ bag (fashion accessory)
  49. Sporting with in
  50. Sleeveless garment informally
  51. Lines of credit?
  52. Line-skipping option at the airport for short