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  3. Usa today Crossword Answers
  4. Wall street Crossword Answers

Latests from New york times

  1. Measure of time or airplane wings
  2. Makeup of the first house in the three little pigs
  3. Freds neckwear on scooby-doo
  4. Beats again and again in slang
  5. Coif that might use pins and spray
  6. Classic catalog for air passengers
  7. Symbol of sudden brilliant success
  8. Early stop for presidential candidates
  9. Like unexplained house creaks say
  10. Comic con e.g. stereotypically
  11. Felipe or moises of major-league baseball
  12. The ___ (apt anagram for they see)
  13. Student in a contracts class typically
  14. ___ calrissian member of the rebel alliance in star wars
  15. Fire in the belly
  16. Sound of insight
  17. Delorean license plate in back to the future
  18. Puppeteer shari
  19. Breakout role for robin williams
  20. Soldering 50-down e.g.

Latests from Usa today

  1. Bit of birthday mail that doesn't require postage
  2. Desktop computer brand
  3. Subject of a manohla dargis review
  4. Winter shovelful
  5. Place for hiking or camping reverently
  6. Minister's title for short
  7. Many eastenders watchers
  8. Determiner of heredity
  9. ___ ta be my girl
  10. End-of-school-year pranksters (abbr.)
  11. Coats and hats can be hung on them
  12. What square footage measures
  13. Paramore genre
  14. Running shoe brand since 1979
  15. Expressed dissent perhaps
  16. Tropical fruit with a purple rind
  17. Makes less tight
  18. Crayfish relative
  19. Villainous scientist character maybe
  20. Declaration of love
  21. Folklore figure bunyan
  22. Love interest for blair and serena in gossip girl
  23. Can we turn on a fan?
  24. Natural hairstyles
  25. Aretha franklin played it

Latests from Wall street

  1. Number of mousquetaires in a dumas book title
  2. About 80% of the elements in the period table
  3. Low probability of success and a hint to the circled letters
  4. Org. whose members are experts at driving
  5. Improve a video game character's abilities
  6. Performs brilliantly
  7. Salsa alternative
  8. Repeating electronic rhythm sample
  9. Place to get boots and bindings