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Latests from La times

  1. Econ. indicators
  2. Loud item in a closet
  3. Study buddies often
  4. Natl. law group whose m is largely obsolete
  5. Prandial pokers
  6. Café de __: mexican drink brewed in a pot
  7. Like some premium services
  8. On the offensive legally
  9. It's not a side road
  10. Stopping at a koa say
  11. Doubts
  12. Some shared rides
  13. Fictitious 18th-century autobiographer
  14. Mighty dump truck maker
  15. Hold-up group?
  16. Like some milk alas
  17. Watch with a webcam perhaps
  18. Impromptu speech fillers
  19. How many licks does it take … ? treat
  20. Up one day down the next
  21. Leaner alternative to pork
  22. What? utterances
  23. Anchor's responsibility
  24. Akufo-addo's land
  25. Marquee evening
  26. Continuous newsroom operations
  27. Familiar gp. of 50
  28. Facetious metaphor for a difficult situation
  29. Mountain dangers
  30. They didn't stop hannibal
  31. Bop on the bean
  32. Aptly named jazz work co-written by charlie bird parker
  33. When repeated acclaimed chinese pianist
  34. I'm here to help
  35. Legal orders
  36. Two before marzo
  37. Fog word
  38. Pilots start them
  39. Metal named for a planet
  40. In half
  41. Shallows craft
  42. Social science course briefly
  43. Prom style often
  44. Turned some ground
  45. Ontario-based music gp.
  46. Self-described non-musician brian
  47. Like b.b. king's music
  48. Emotionless humor type
  49. Zen garden feature with fish
  50. Like brothers and sisters
  51. Food in a shell
  52. Like a poor loser
  53. Georgia's largest city
  54. Boxer ali who retired undefeated

Latests from Usa today

  1. Key near a tilde
  2. Slice of tofu
  3. Place for agriculture
  4. Correspondence from podcast listeners
  5. Anagram of vile
  6. Cut very finely
  7. Exam with a score range of 400 to 1600
  8. Food with acorn and spaghetti varieties
  9. Prime minister elected in 2017
  10. Air or scare punctuation
  11. Many a fillable document
  12. I would have voted for ___ for a third term if i could (get out line)
  13. Writer of seven autobiographies
  14. American indians in children's literature founder debbie
  15. Ginger ___ (fountain drinks)
  16. Gigawatt e.g.
  17. Hotel garment
  18. What some phone keyboards contain
  19. Nation in western new york
  20. Watch a friend's feline
  21. Stuff from a volcano
  22. Sasha fierce for beyonce e.g.
  23. ___ of the ball
  24. Like does
  25. Chased on foot
  26. French tire maker
  27. Head of the pack
  28. Often groanworthy joke
  29. Cool trick huh?
  30. Instrument for ahya simone
  31. Ren faire competitors on charging horses
  32. Plant in many balms
  33. Main color of the turkish and tunisian flags
  34. Shape with four right angles
  35. Glue with a bull mascot
  36. Big watery expanse
  37. Blob under a biology class microscope
  38. Gooey breakfast condiment
  39. In its current state
  40. Meshy traps
  41. Resident of baghdad or basra

Latests from Wall street

  1. Said mine! say
  2. Big brother's nation in 1984
  3. Officiated
  4. Patriot games director noyce
  5. British dependency gives the lowdown on vanishing ships?
  6. Triple crown site between churchill downs and belmont
  7. …but i might be wrong
  8. Nightwood author djuna
  9. Cottage resident perhaps
  10. Star wars battle craft with a reduplicative name
  11. Google's smart-home brand
  12. Partner of rules informally
  13. Heavyweight tiptoes around the edge of the ring?
  14. 1999 heisman winner ron
  15. Palindromic flour used in naan
  16. Who's there? answer perhaps
  17. Fluffy pup packs a punch?
  18. Cemetery road writer greg
  19. Rowers finish at exactly the same time?
  20. Becomes foggy as glasses
  21. Sean's game of thrones role
  22. Silent star clara gasps for breath?
  23. Web portal with a butterfly logo
  24. It takes two aptly
  25. People with summer birthdays
  26. Call me by your name star armie sings his heart out?
  27. Stop carrying
  28. Les parents give it to l'enfant
  29. Person with a spring birthday
  30. Tried to win
  31. Singer eddie blows a fuse?
  32. Company started in an austin dorm room
  33. Org. focused on cleaning up others' acts
  34. Bohemian wardrobe-enhancing events and a hint to this puzzle's theme
  35. Satiric prize for scientific research
  36. Mr. deeds goes to town director frank
  37. Result of pulling the goalie
  38. Take two steps back
  39. The burgomaster of delft and his daughter painter
  40. Irredeemable rogue
  41. Train hopper
  42. Laura of marriage story
  43. Pal of pythias
  44. Nirvana's final studio album
  45. South american schlepper
  46. Overtake in a flash
  47. Pops up
  48. Virtual people in a popular game franchise
  49. Champaign athletes casually
  50. Paper plane type
  51. Bellhop's burdens
  52. Leaps for mirai nagasu
  53. Dial in a bathroom
  54. Presidential perk
  55. Messes (with)
  56. Words before tear or dare
  57. Won back the favor of
  58. Lunch announcement
  59. 1980 anne murray song
  60. Fires off an email
  61. Target of seti searches
  62. Many a singer on kidz bop
  63. Russian car company
  64. Curry on the court
  65. To be in bolivia
  66. Dir. from iowa city to st. louis
  67. Initials seen at many marijuana dispensaries
  68. Ego nwodim's show initially
  69. The poet in my heart in a fleetwood mac song
  70. Clubber lang's portrayer in rocky iii
  71. Some luxury suits
  72. Alley-oop catching site
  73. Paying particular attention to
  74. Totally win over
  75. Meat market
  76. Give my regards to broadway songwriter
  77. Abbr. on cornerstones
  78. Keeps in the loop in a way