CROSSWORD Answers FOR "New york born irish president"

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  1. Man on irish beach. man on irish beach. man on irish beach
  2. Only president to serve as both vice president and president without being elected to either office
  3. Irish or scottish name; irish river
  4. Irish poet good (irish poet on he whom the gods called briareus)
  5. Irish spud said to harbour mounting irish pest
  6. That the irish part of the irish times is
  7. Irish king in irish island has a great view of the birds
  8. Irish love irish king in teetotaller group to name something to do with the land
  9. Bad tempered irish king returns irish king found in dining room
  10. Irish house knocked over by irish premier - it's a long story
  11. Old irish author of the roads finds irish food in south america
  12. Irish princess, one attracted to non-irish warrior
  13. Eamon . . . . . . . . irish statesman and president
  14. Old president working with irish water perhaps is not for turning
  15. Lead rave for former irish taoiseach and president
  16. Eamon — —, irish prime minister and president
  17. An irish president
  18. So inborn is mary, irish ex-president
  19. First vice president not to become president
  20. U.s. president who becomes the president of future earth on futurama


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