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  1. Wales in wales
  2. Mrs __, i'm sorry i haven't a clue correspondent in north wales?mrs __, i'm sorry i haven't a clue correspondent in north wales?
  3. University city in new south wales australia south of sydney
  4. Bird in new south wales
  5. Poet's unworthy of town in south wales
  6. Port in south wales on the bristol channel
  7. Feminist tours new south wales, australia sustained by dutch grass
  8. City of south wales
  9. Man that's found in new south wales
  10. New south wales capital
  11. Port of south wales
  12. Areas between hills, especially in south wales
  13. Live among troops in town in south wales
  14. Area west of new south wales the queen's come back to
  15. New town in the borough of torfaen, south wales
  16. Made a connection from south wales town, shifting north
  17. Town in south wales
  18. Town in south wales on the river wye
  19. For wales the bottom of the vessel is back over the south
  20. South wales town - boy's name


  1. Standard description for 9, 25, 10 and 12
  2. Stone sink
  3. A foreign place found by woman and daughter not on schedule
  4. Unacceptable company from the beginning
  5. German - and, therefore, suffer
  6. One primate trains others
  7. Stay in play
  8. Pity a girl that's not all there!