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  1. Nefud native
  2. Home of the nefud and rub al khali deserts
  3. - - desert, desert between nile valley and red sea in sudan
  4. Desert that means "desert" in arabic
  5. Namib desert site of tree skeletons and red desert
  6. Relating to african desert, largest hot desert
  7. Desert, boundless desert, devoured by devouring goddess
  8. N african desert, the world's largest hot desert
  9. Beersheba's desert
  10. Welcome sight in a desert
  11. Feeling of a person stranded in the desert
  12. Area free of desert regions
  13. Chilean desert
  14. Desert danger
  15. Desert water source
  16. ___ karakum (asian desert)
  17. Mojave desert sight
  18. Some desert dwellings
  19. Desert stops
  20. Exotic trip not entirely harmless in desert conditions? not entirely


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