The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with V.
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Crossword Answers for "Natural occurence results in melted rock"

Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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CODYCROSS amusement park Group 219 Puzzle 2

  1. The __ spider man us comic book by stan lee
  2. Country in europe helsinki is the capital
  3. Different or distinct from the one first considered
  4. Thin italian flatbread made with lard
  5. Difference between debits and credits in accounts
  6. Patron of wales whose feast day is march 1st
  7. It can result in redness and blisters on skin
  8. To place things in a desired order
  9. The origin or coming into being of something
  10. Elves are said to have __ powers
  11. The opposite of sister
  12. To make a change in the direction of light


  1. Volcano
    1. Oval cone not completely reshaped?
    2. Vesuvius, for example
    3. Mauna loa, e.g.
    4. Etna, for example
    5. A vent in the earth
    6. Peru's el misti, e.g.


  1. A chance occurence
  2. Audre lorde poem: a half-yearly occurence
  3. Happening, occurence
  4. Wba occurence
  5. Occurence
  6. Land member of religious society of friends sacrificing resistance to shocking occurence
  7. Occurence, occasion
  8. Event, occurence
  9. Occurence, happening
  10. Early birds see this daily occurence
  11. The natural in 'the natural'
  12. Melted caramel, e.g.
  13. Sauce of cheese melted in wine
  14. Melted tar, e.g.
  15. Just-melted cold fluid
  16. Melted marshmallows, e.g.
  17. Cheese melted near spam
  18. Melted mess
  19. Melted ice
  20. They form when melted sno


  1. Veg cinderella uses as a coach after some magic
  2. Cash __, a till for adding up sales
  3. Over 200 human bones make up this
  4. Squares of padding to add comfort to seats
  5. One-wheeled vehicle that is tricky to balance on
  6. What comes after the lightning
  7. __ books; puzzles and challenges to keep kids busy
  8. Skincare for a dry mouth in cold weather