The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with C.
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Added on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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  1. Creed
    1. Guiding set of principles
    2. Believe in it
    3. Apostles' adoption
    4. Something to believe in
    5. 2015 film for which sylvester stallone was nominated for best supporting actor
    6. 2015 rocky sequel


  1. Kelly who played faith on "hope & faith"
  2. ___ creed (christian statement of faith)
  3. Statement of faith many repeat
  4. Statement of faith
  5. Statement of christian faith used in the liturgy
  6. __ creed (4th-century statement of faith)
  7. Guided by a statement of faith
  8. Statement of faith
  9. Daughter leaves medication prescribed for native american
  10. Statement's invalid if david's fat son and daughter abscond
  11. Revolting south american's desire to touch north-east american native
  12. A member of a group of native american peoples of the north american plains
  13. First woman of african-american and native american descent to earn an international pilot's license (2 wds.)
  14. Making a comeback, famous soprano finally performed for ats as a sign of faith
  15. Dandy's tie making a statement
  16. Within metaphor is making pithy statement
  17. Conservative sitting on grass making dogmatic statement
  18. Be overbearing, making fashion statement with feathers
  19. Avoid making definite statement
  20. Group of symbols making a mathematical statement


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