The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR ""---! my kingdom for...!""

Do you know the answer?


  1. Ahorse
    1. Ponied up?
    2. Mounted
    3. No-name?
    4. Exchange for "my kingdom"
    5. Riding behind, guards stop!
    6. What richard iii offered 'my kingdom' for


  1. Stanley who wrote the magic kingdom
  2. Ancient kingdom east of t
  3. Kingdom thats spread throughout the world
  4. Medieval spanish kingdom
  5. Kingdom in tolkiens the lord of the rings
  6. South african kingdom
  7. Kingdom south of samoa
  8. Ancient anatolian kingdom
  9. Jerusalems onetime kingdom
  10. Ancient kingdom east of the dead sea
  11. Asian kingdom
  12. Kingdom given to esau
  13. Midwest state secedes and will join the united kingdom?
  14. Ancient kingdom whose capital was nineveh
  15. Himalayan kingdom
  16. Biblical kingdom
  17. German kingdom of old
  18. Overcoat; former kingdom in ireland
  19. Expert on marks to assume kingdom
  20. Kingdom until 2008


  1. From apr. to oct., for most
  2. Take place in middle of row c with dog
  4. Complex serials
  5. Name of man in charge stocking small battery
  6. Refuse to have dealings with
  7. Pieces of cloth left buried among islands by turks
  8. Signature works returned by country (not norway)