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  1. Highly moral behaviour
  2. Approved moral behaviour
  3. Disparaging about city bird's moral behaviour
  4. Guiding set of principles
  5. Guiding beliefs of a people
  6. Guiding light?
  7. Guiding straps
  8. Guiding beliefs
  9. Guiding person
  10. Guiding nightlight
  11. Guiding principle
  12. Guiding genius
  13. Guiding stars, to use a m
  14. Guiding light: var.
  15. Set of guiding beliefs
  16. Goddesses guiding human lives
  17. Guiding philosophy
  18. Short saying expressing the guiding maxim or ideal of a family, organisation etc
  19. Guiding in another direction like wheel of a car
  20. Source of guiding principles


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  4. That's a blooming motor race
  5. That sucker from the sea has gone after the p.s.
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