The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with Y.
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Crossword Answers for "Months and months and months"

Added on Sunday, November 18, 2018

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  1. Years
    1. What birthday cake candles represent
    2. Freshman, sophomore, etc
    3. Ceremony's ending with organs going on for a long time
    4. Like a dog
    5. Long time
    6. Senior, junior and sophom


  1. Months and months to carry on
  2. Like poor months for oysters, its said
  3. ___ law, principle stating that computer processing power doubles every 18 months
  4. Child aged twelve months receives wide style of shoe?
  5. Businesses that tend to be busiest at the starts and ends of months
  6. Like non-oyster months
  7. Solemn music in late months of the year
  8. German ship to go after the end of four months?
  9. 12 months, in tijuana
  10. “put that southern state on next months agenda”?
  11. Three months: abbr.
  12. Eighteen months
  13. It takes months to complete
  14. Steamed-for-hours aged-for-months concoction of treacle brandy fruit and spices set afire and served at christmas
  15. Every twelve months
  16. Four months from now: abbr.
  17. Cheap form of cocaine starts to get imported months earlier
  18. Provide a university friend with news every 12 months
  19. One and a half months of summer with majesty
  20. Months after tebets


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  2. Head scarf of spain
  3. Whats under a beret
  4. Shapeless cell
  5. Fitness-focused parent's purchase
  6. So long returning at first and at last
  7. Place for staging
  8. Wine cask delivered to new york for big fish