The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with J

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "___ mitchell, canadian singer-songwriter"

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  1. Joni
    1. Folk singer mitchell
    2. Singer mitchell who wrote woodstock (but didnt attend)
    3. Senator ernst
    4. Mitchell who wrote and sa
    5. Mitchell with a guitar
    6. Singer mitchell


  1. Singer-songwriter who first popularised joni mitchell's songs
  2. Canadian singer-songwriter who first found fame in the 1960s
  3. Joni __ , canadian singer-songwriter, b. 1943
  4. A pair of hecklers entering deceive canadian singer-songwriter
  5. Neil --, canadian singer and songwriter
  6. Leonard --, canadian singer, songwriter, poet, and novelist
  7. Leonard _; canadian singer-songwriter
  8. 'woodstock' songwriter mitchell
  9. Folk singer mitchell
  10. Singer mitchell who wrote woodstock (but didnt attend)
  11. Singer mitchell
  12. 'big yellow taxi' singer ___ mitchell
  13. "both sides now" singer mitchell
  14. 'woodstock' singer mitchell who wasn't at woodstock
  15. Opera singer mitchell of 'porgy and bess'
  16. "chelsea morning" singer mitchell
  17. Folk singer mitchell in concert?
  18. Singer james or mitchell
  19. Singer mitchell with the 1969 album clouds
  20. 'help me' singer mitchell


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