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  1. "'scuse me while __ this guy: and other misheard lyrics": gavin edwards book
  2. Misheard lyrics in madonna's first number when going round on stage
  3. "__ me while i kiss this guy": book of misheard lyrics
  4. Fellows around the city misheard the figures
  5. Members of judicial council misheard criminal admitting name
  6. And 24 across: 17 misheard sky broadcast
  7. The ___ in love with you (misheard lyric in a herb alpert hit)
  8. Uk band clips so long, boring, misheard?
  9. '___ inn! what's your price per night?' (misheard 'sister christian' lyric)
  10. A mondegreen is a misheard one
  11. Experts like lyrics based on foot beats
  12. Like the lyrics to lil waynes “lollipop” or 50 cents “candy shop”
  13. Affirmative in the lyrics
  14. 1974 hit with spanish lyrics
  15. Counterparts to lyrics
  16. Like lyrics
  17. Lyrics accompany them
  18. Music genre with confessional lyrics
  19. Counterpart of lyrics
  20. Forgoes the lyrics, perha


  1. 4___ (permanently, to texters)
  2. Moved like a hockey puck
  3. Town put together around square
  4. Crash-proof party
  5. Touch hat covering charlie king
  6. Total debacle
  7. Tiny moving parts visible in old timepiece
  8. Type of crossword unfinished by the french in confusion