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  1. Meet portion or portion of meat
  2. Portion portion
  3. Minute portion
  4. Minute part of a minute:
  5. Minute minute part
  6. Minute part of a minute: abbr.
  7. "minute by minute" ___ brothers
  8. Minute required — or two thirds of a minute — solving clues
  9. Minute part of a minute, for short
  10. Minute minute pt.
  11. Minute pt. of a minute
  12. For a minute it's not minute
  13. Tiny portion of matter
  14. Tiny portion of matter, e.g. dust is made of this
  15. That could be a matter for me, and not a minute afterwards
  16. Relating to minute matter
  17. Minute piece of matter
  18. Colouring matter — minute dash goes in
  19. Minute pieces of matter
  20. Minute particle of matter


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