CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Metropolis managing video game"

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  1. Simcity
    1. Pioneering building game for computers
    2. Seminal computer game of 1989
    3. Hit computer game with the original working title micropolis


  1. 1985 #1 whose video won six mtv video music awards
  2. Like either option in 'would you rather watch a video of your parents having sex or your parents watch a video of you having sex?'
  3. A northern irish girl engages large man for managing stock
  4. Managing
  5. Be strict in managing an organisation
  6. Managing, with "out"
  7. Managing perfectly
  8. Just about managing
  9. Policeman in centre of wigan managing ok
  10. Investment firm specializing in managing risk
  11. Legally managing another's property or money
  12. Sweet managing director taken in by corrupt group
  13. Managing with whatever is available
  14. Barely managing (with "out")
  15. Spanish killers usually managing to avoid charges
  16. Managing to get copper band after store emptied
  17. Money-managing exec
  18. Female body managing two silent minutes left off
  19. Problem managing some firm a lad just mentioned
  20. Shoots leaders sooner than expected managing situation


  1. Great service providers
  2. What a band plays at a concert
  3. Dangerous spot
  4. Substance made from seaweed
  5. Voice-activated smart speaker introduced in 2016
  6. Penalty box in hockey lingo
  7. Word in the translation of e pluribus unum
  8. Earthworm's bristle