The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with C

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Mentioned more than just a neat seaside town"

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  1. Cowes
    1. Father turned up in time, with surprised expression
    2. Yawning
    3. Port in island of jersey, might you say?
    4. Does it, say, intimidate yachting visitors?
    5. Where yachtsmen may be talking of jersey and guernsey, perhaps
    6. Iow regatta place


  1. One girl or another at the french seaside?
  2. East sussex seaside resort
  3. Every woman's put up with clothing habits at the seaside
  4. Seaside cookout
  5. Seaside entertainer's sock
  6. Seaside puppet character
  7. Devon seaside resort
  8. Joins course by the seaside
  9. Seaside raptor
  10. Seaside attraction
  11. Seaside walkway
  12. Seaside
  13. Seaside ___, n.j.
  14. Port ___, seaside resort
  15. Seaside community ne of b
  16. Kent seaside town
  17. Little change at seaside due to opposing attractions
  18. In china, there's a right good seaside resort
  19. Flying seaplane initially disrupts seaside walk
  20. Seaside walk


  1. Wives here married after career
  2. Bauhaus offshoot
  3. Subsequently cut both ends off beams
  4. Miracle mets' stadium
  5. Get lost us informal
  6. Start of d.c.'s zip codes or area code
  7. Smartphone programs
  8. Frat party wrap