CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Medium sized monkey 7 letters"

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  1. Medium sized monkey
  2. Medium-sized old world monkey
  3. Medium-sized sofa
  4. Medium-sized cat with beautiful spots
  5. Medium-sized cat found in south america
  6. Medium-sized feline found in america bobbed tail
  7. Medium-sized wildcat found in middle east africa
  8. Medium-sized bird with blue plumage
  9. Medium-sized carnivore cousin to the mongoose
  10. Medium-sized bag to take on a trip
  11. A medium-sized, smooth-haired breed of dog with a short nose
  12. Domestic chicken of a medium-sized american breed
  13. Instructor in medium-sized plant
  14. Medium-sized primate
  15. Small to medium-sized melon with yellowish flesh
  16. Medium-sized wading bird
  17. Medium-sized sofas
  18. Medium-sized squiggly noodles
  19. Medium-sized antelope of eastern and southern africa
  20. Bear with the medium-sized bowl


  1. Canadian prairie province
  2. --- wars, series of 19th century conflicts between the french empire and european powers
  3. Deny being in favour of proposal
  4. Exploitative workplace
  5. Disciplinarian leaders of schools teach religious instruction classes, typically
  6. Like salivary glands near ears
  7. Country apartment with no entrance to get through
  8. Tamper with gong - that's audible!