The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with G

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Meat for the amateur radio enthusiast"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Goestopot
    1. Deteriorates
    2. Minnesota fats prepares to play!
    3. Takes cue, perhaps, and breaks down
    4. Approaches the snooker table but loses form
    5. Ruins leaves and cover on old book
    6. Son of noah and father of canaan in the old testament


  1. Amateur radio is the private use of radio __
  2. Amateur radio operators
  3. Meat for the radio amateur
  4. Amateur radio operator, good gracious, is over-the-top
  5. Amateur radio operator
  6. Letters/numbers combo in amateur radio broadcasts
  7. Radio amateur let off for overacting
  8. Radio expert blows his top investigating broken radio set
  9. Bbc radio station that became radio 4 in 1967
  10. Capital radio is initially broadcast like radio caroline was?
  11. David former controller of radio 2 and radio 4 who died in 2007
  12. Real enthusiast
  13. Tech enthusiast, say
  14. Dance party enthusiast
  15. Daytona 500 enthusiast
  16. Pop enthusiast?
  17. Whitewater enthusiast
  18. When repeated, enthusiast
  19. Fiction enthusiast?
  20. Loco enthusiast gives instruction to ceramic worker


  1. Upvotes on reddit
  2. Nightclub vips spot
  3. Manhattan based seafood restaurant
  4. Bathroom hand towel
  5. Club that chap joined to go swimming
  6. Vedette du film un apres midi de chien
  7. Country apartment with no entrance to get through
  8. Old animal droppings gathered by a single lecturer