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  1. A computer processes it
  2. Processes, as ore
  3. Somehow china means to implement initial move to fully-automated processes
  4. Second year stops logical processes
  5. One of the organs that processes the food you eat
  6. Study of smells and olfactory processes
  7. Bodily system that processes food
  8. Adept and lucid processes are copied exactly
  9. Came across a start for your chemical processes
  10. Stages in processes
  11. Lacking radiating processes, as nerve cells
  12. Absurd claim to be about chemical processes in the body
  13. One may have to put deal through the right processes
  14. Processes formulae
  15. Advocates quietly abandoning eliminatory processes
  16. Characterised by manufacturing processes
  17. Processes during checkout, as a credit card
  18. Panda is to evolve in darwinian processes
  19. Processes
  20. Energy source including fission/fusion processes


  1. Grow and flourish
  2. Sounds like an old crock
  3. One that beats in the bloody suit
  4. Type of eagle
  5. Corleone counsel
  6. Lath
  7. White or blue in egypt
  8. ___ b. demille