The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Meagerly, scantily"

Added on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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  1. Sparsely
    1. Barely see, getting on boxes
    2. Do grammar in a sly, but patchy, way
    3. How farmland is populated
    4. Boxes, see, not in close-packed configuration
    5. How the sticks are populated
    6. Parsley's unusually thinly scattered


  1. Meagerly maintains, with
  2. Maintain meagerly
  3. Meagerly manages
  4. Meagerly
  5. Meagerly manages (with "out")
  6. Dancer who is scantily dressed
  7. Scholar, in newspaper article, lying about being scantily clad
  8. In bed, he is all shivery, being scantily clad
  9. One often scantily clad girl's put on red top to go in
  10. Disease from living with too many scantily-clad wives?
  11. Scantily-clad photo on a wall
  12. Cook up story concerned with scantily-clad females
  13. Meagrely, scantily
  14. Just about or scantily
  15. Scantily __ (underdressed)
  16. Scantily dressed nightclub entertainer
  17. Ladies scantily dressed, barbra streisands initials covering her topless picture


  1. Rightmost number on some faces
  2. Wild pigs growth affected eating acorns, primarily
  3. Where to cultivate fruit or vegetable
  4. Place at the table
  5. Doesn't need assistance
  6. Warmer in a way
  7. When the sun is directly above the equator
  8. Did business with