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  1. Mazelike
  2. Store with a notably mazelike layout
  3. In places the pub in there is in places right at the top
  4. Fowl places
  5. Places for conductors
  6. Places for pampering
  7. Places that may have blackboards
  8. Boggy places
  9. Boutonnieres' places
  10. Places to make notes
  11. Treat she arranged in places of entertainment
  12. Protons' places
  13. Places in brackets
  14. Going places?
  15. Places to pray
  16. Places to retire
  17. Places for neanderthals
  18. Places for genies
  19. Once more afforded soho? odd places only
  20. Places of interest?


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  2. Drops on morning grass
  3. 10-min walk for many
  4. Champagne with a diaeresis
  5. Clean with hard rubbing
  6. Much of king solomons temple
  7. 1619 project journalist nikole hannah-___
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