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  1. "the mayor of simpleton" band
  2. 'the mayor of simpleton' band, 1989
  3. Former mayor who wrote 'mayor'
  4. Mayor who wrote mayor
  5. Simpleton, disparagingly
  6. Samoan simpleton?
  7. I point, when coming across one simpleton
  8. Old simpleton remaining in new york
  9. “chicago” simpleton ___ hart
  10. Simpleton's last place of learning?
  11. Simpleton's utterance
  12. Excessively self-satisfied southern simpleton
  13. Tom arnold's simpleton family, in a '96 comedy
  14. Simpleton in "archie" com
  15. Simpleton
  16. Simpleton left naked?
  17. Simpleton is disorderly or amusing
  18. Poor simpleton, me, serving drink in unsuitable vessels!
  19. Simpleton; oil rig
  20. Village associated with simpleton stories


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