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  1. "the mayor of simpleton" band
  2. 'the mayor of simpleton' band, 1989
  3. Former mayor who wrote 'mayor'
  4. Mayor who wrote mayor
  5. Former new york city mayor with the autobiography mayor
  6. Simpleton, disparagingly
  7. Samoan simpleton?
  8. I point, when coming across one simpleton
  9. Old simpleton remaining in new york
  10. “chicago” simpleton ___ hart
  11. Simpleton's last place of learning?
  12. Simpleton's utterance
  13. Excessively self-satisfied southern simpleton
  14. Tom arnold's simpleton family, in a '96 comedy
  15. Simpleton in "archie" com
  16. Simpleton
  17. Simpleton left naked?
  18. Simpleton is disorderly or amusing
  19. Poor simpleton, me, serving drink in unsuitable vessels!
  20. Simpleton; oil rig


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