The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with V.
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Added on Friday, June 15, 2018


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  1. Volcano
    1. Oval cone not completely reshaped?
    2. Vesuvius, for example
    3. Etna, for example
    4. Natural occurence results in melted rock
    5. A vent in the earth
    6. Peru's el misti, e.g.


  1. It has views of mauna loa and mauna kea
  2. Mauna ___ observatory
  3. Hawaii's mauna ___
  4. Mauna ___ (volcano)
  5. Mauna ___
  6. Hawaii's mauna ___ observatories
  7. Mauna __ (hawaii's high point)
  8. City near mauna kea
  9. Mauna follower, in a volcanic name
  10. Hawaiian peak mauna ___
  11. City not far from mauna kea
  12. Mauna loa outflow
  13. Product sold under the mauna loa brand*
  14. Mauna __ (hawaiian volcano)
  15. Mauna __: hawaii's highest peak
  16. Mauna ____, hawaiian peak
  17. Port near mauna loa
  18. View from mauna kea
  19. Mauna ___ (1984 erupter)
  20. Mauna ___ (inactive volcano)


  1. Post __, the ps added to a note as an afterthought
  2. Trucks in the us, __ in the uk
  3. With great speed; anagram of hot pastes
  4. Big brother confessional space with famous chair
  5. Currently holding office
  6. __ dress, usually camouflaged wear for battle
  7. Money lender with extortionate interest rates
  8. This south african city fires cannon daily at noon