The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with T.
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Crossword Answers for "Manual for learners"

Added on Monday, October 1, 2018

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  1. Textbook
    1. Study aid?
    2. Conforming to established standard
    3. Send a message to reserve, exactly as planned
    4. Teaching aid -- supplying subjects for sermons?
    5. Reader for student
    6. Student's manual


  1. Learners collectively set watch beforehand
  2. Obliged school to enrol representative english learners
  3. Trio of learners crossing road near one welsh town
  4. Period of inactivity sees three learners outside university
  5. Fast learners are quick on the __
  6. Later learners or bloomers
  7. Headgear used to humiliate slow learners
  8. Head spends time with learners on a spanish course
  9. Learners that you finally supplied with driving aids
  10. Instrument vince plays with three learners and old, old, oscar
  11. Literary work from star absorbing english learners
  12. Comprehensive wants learners in class at noon
  13. Learners' break
  14. Protection from rains english learners had in unsettled burma
  15. Learners reshaping horn with cold chisel
  16. Knowing learners in class are into cannabis
  17. You old learners will need education expressed loudly
  18. With daring dropping all learners in group
  19. After lunchtime, two learners will join sid as he goes round slope
  20. Learners go skiing here


  1. As a matter of course that belongs to the scottish holy man
  2. Where one is just not able to get on in china
  3. Does she have a big place - a place for heroes forever?
  4. For one alchemist that's enough to rile back about 34 across
  5. What a nice fellow fawkes must have been
  6. Owing to being just a shade like this here
  7. The spanish side of the start of 19 down
  8. In the teetotaller the mistake is to behave in such a horrifying sort of way