The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with C.
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Crossword Answers for "Man of god wants tea without milk or sugar"

Added on Wednesday, June 9, 2021

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  1. Chaplain
    1. Actor punched by a clergyman
    2. Comedian once holding a clerical appointment
    3. Church gets a flat for clergyman
    4. Tea taken with rather uninteresting clergyman
    5. Tea with nothing added for minister
    6. Clergyman


  1. Sugar obtained from sugar beet and sugar cane
  2. Ordinary person making this wants to forget it - the director wants it to be remembered
  3. If one wants to join like this one wants a torch
  4. Dee wants fancy tart cooked with both sugar and vinegar
  5. 'sugar, sugar' group, with 'the'
  6. Sugar ___ (small package of sugar)
  7. 'sugar, sugar' band
  8. "___ like sugar, sugar kisses"
  9. ___ sugar (powdered sugar used by bakers)
  10. Simple sugar, blood sugar in humans
  11. Dark sugar (barbados) or light sugar
  12. __ sugar, finely ground sugar for baking
  13. Sugar seen in plants; named after french for sugar
  14. The cartoon band behind 1969s sugar, sugar
  15. Wants note emailed without contents before start of school
  16. Woman wants chaps always agreeing, without limits
  17. A mother wants to be in the fashion, without exception
  18. What the actor wants may be taken in without offence
  19. Model again wants break, being without confidence and terribly curt
  20. Is without, wants


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  2. Greta thunberg by nationality
  3. Philosopher abandoning case makes a cry for help
  4. Pay to come down
  5. Quality, one not observed in restaurant worker
  6. Quirky weatherman, 40, perfect for me
  7. Pennant, perhaps right to be carried by older ship
  8. Partly hispanic, us controlled south american city