The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with C

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Major cable company"

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  1. Comcast
    1. Broadband giant


  1. Major cable sports channel
  2. Fortune 500 company, fortune 500 company, fortune 500 company..
  3. Cable company that merged with at&t
  4. Cable company array
  5. Cable company's encryption or what connects both words in 20- 26- and 44-across
  6. Note in b major but not e major
  7. Major's major mishap
  8. Major company renamed in
  9. Major worldwide news syndication company
  10. (pop group) not affiliated with a major record company
  11. Major biotech company
  12. Company sergeant major (abbrev.)
  13. Film not made by major production company - but still in the race
  14. Major sheet-metal company
  15. Company in a major 2000 merger
  16. Sergeant-major includes it with company programme
  17. Mistake, only one admitted by company sergeant major
  18. (of group) not with a major record company
  19. Company with a major subsidiary in india
  20. Historic british trading company __ company


  1. Unlikely to be out and about
  2. The author of frankenstein
  3. It's not exciting messing around outside
  4. Disciplinarian leaders of schools teach religious instruction classes, typically
  5. Father turns up the top card quickly
  6. Sweet wine lost in minor quake?
  7. Bird one tells stories about
  8. Sacrament commemorating the last supper