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  1. Maine's nickname, and a hint to the ends of 20-, 33- and 41-across
  2. Down ___ (maine nickname)
  3. Nickname for a region in maine
  4. Blow into maine on ___!
  5. Souvenir from maine not damaged by this compiler
  6. Down ___ (maine)
  7. Like most of maine
  8. Maine town named for a pe
  9. Maine senator collins
  10. Maine's ___ national park
  11. University of maine's hom
  12. Some maine scenery
  13. Maine college town
  14. University of maine mascot
  15. University of maine town
  16. Trader from maine with tirade about check
  17. Timber from maine
  18. Chair in maine?
  19. Maine town
  20. Maine's is rocky


  1. Tabloid item
  2. Sense of familiarity
  3. Skateboard piece that connects the wheels to the deck
  4. Awesome, to millennials
  5. He shot alexander
  6. They may come with a childrens menu
  7. One whose work is always blowing up?
  8. Done in the least amount of time