The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Loyalty has frequently produced solemn promises"

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  1. Oaths
    1. Things taken by government officials
    2. Inauguration day vows
    3. Vows
    4. Swear words?
    5. They make people raise th
    6. They're often taken orally


  1. Solemn promises
  2. Solemn promises or curses
  3. Solemn sworn promises
  4. A patron's right as a fellow to receive solemn promises
  5. “promises, promises” writer
  6. 1969 tony winner for 'promises, promises'
  7. The final one of ten frequently seems to be frequently so
  8. Brian who produced or co-produced seven u2 albums
  9. Brian who produced or co-produced several talking heads albums
  10. Produced by employee, but not mass-produced
  11. Loyalty, old-style
  12. Song of loyalty
  13. Getting on train, bond shows badge of loyalty
  14. Loyalty
  15. Large irish dog a symbol of nobility and loyalty
  16. James who wrote “a higher loyalty”
  17. Author of 2018’s “a higher loyalty”
  18. Loyalty is required, say, in union
  19. Loyalty and allegiance
  20. Dedicated loyalty


  1. Frequent catch on tv's 'deadliest catch'
  2. Hot dog option
  3. ___-loompa (wonka factory employee)
  4. Make strudel
  5. One putting away groceries
  6. Uncomfortably hot in sun? on the contrary!
  7. Balcony sections
  8. What many hands make, reportedly