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  1. Tip reducer
  2. Friction reducer: abbr.
  3. Swelling reducer
  4. Inflammation reducer
  5. Friction reducer
  6. Reducer of pier pressure?
  7. Acid reducer, briefly
  8. Windshield glare reducer
  9. Reducer
  10. Radiation reducer
  11. Visibility reducer
  12. Resistance reducer
  13. Winter-traction reducer
  14. Reducer's regimen
  15. Speed reducer
  16. Waist reducer
  17. Linus' anxiety reducer
  18. Sentence reducer at times
  19. Wrinkle reducer
  20. Pain reducer


  1. Illicit blood sport involving birds
  2. Belgian coin
  3. Quinceanera for one
  4. Impressive soccer shot
  5. Word after black or bubble
  6. Emulate galway
  7. ___ prairie mn
  8. 1998 film in which sharon stone voices an insect