The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "___ love (cole porter song)"

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  1. Soin
    1. Absorb, as information
    2. "and --- conclusion ..."


  1. She went to haiti in a cole porter song
  2. Capital in a cole porter song
  3. Cole porter song for egot
  4. Cole porter musical and song __ goes
  5. 'begin the __': cole porter song
  6. ''cole porter song book'' singer
  7. Cole porter's song gets transposed all the time
  8. 1936 cole porter song
  9. Dance in a cole porter song
  10. Cole porter song
  11. Cole porter song: 'begin the .......'
  12. "where is the life that late __?": cole porter song
  13. 1936 cole porter song, literally
  14. '____, i die a little' (cole porter song lyric)
  15. 'miss ___ regrets' (dark cole porter song)
  16. 1948 cole porter song
  17. Cole porter song, "well, did you ___?"
  18. "gay" city in a cole porter song
  19. Popular name for the best-known song from cole porter's first broadway success, the musical paris in 1928
  20. Cole porter song from kiss me kate


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