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  1. Tunique sans manches 8 lettres
  2. Uses a chaise longue
  3. Use, as a chaise longue
  4. Chaise longue that can be used for sleeping
  5. Setting for a chaise longue
  6. ... longue, for reclining
  7. Niece gets off chaise longue in a proper stew!
  8. "longue" chair
  9. Chaise longue
  10. Spot for a chaise longue
  11. Enjoy a chaise longue, say
  12. Lounge that's longue
  13. __ longue
  14. Place for a chaise longue
  15. ... longue, chair for reclining
  16. __ longue, long recliner with leg rest
  17. Librarian, ample, trained to become dancer
  18. Opposite of ample
  19. Ample, poetically
  20. Ample, informally


  1. Under pressure to give up sweets
  2. A charlatan welcoming king in religious retreat
  3. Drug for boy in erotic play
  4. Stone makes loser itchy
  5. Compensates pc user, distraught about nothing
  6. Little room with love, one between your legs?
  7. Like a dandy producing fine work? fiddlesticks!
  8. Bald spot in style? absolutely!