The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Longtime hyundai model nyt"

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  1. Azera
    1. Luxury hyundai sedan
    2. High-end hyundai
    3. Luxury hyundai
    4. Hyundai sedan
    5. Hyundai luxury model
    6. Korean sedan to be discontinued in the u.s. after 2017


  1. Hyundai model
  2. Hyundai model with a lot of horsepower?
  3. Hyundai luxury model
  4. Hyundai model known in some countries as verna and solaris
  5. Hyundai model with a musical name
  6. Former hyundai model
  7. Model s, model x and model 3
  8. Luxury hyundai sedan
  9. Hyundai alternative
  10. High-end hyundai
  11. Hyundai santa fe or tucson briefly
  12. Luxury hyundai
  13. Hyundai sedan
  14. Hyundai's mid-sized car
  15. Hyundai compact
  16. 1998 hyundai acquisition
  17. Hyundai mid-size
  18. Hyundai sedans
  19. Where kia and hyundai are headquartered
  20. Part of a beethoven work? [hyundai, honda]


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