The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with M.
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Added on Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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  2. Avant garde art movement followers
  3. Intentionally ludicrous rhetorical overstatement
  4. Prizewinners
  5. Bridge player establishing suit
  6. The length of time from birth to death
  7. Divide, split, tear apart
  8. Film about elizabeth ii starring helen mirren
  9. A type of baldness
  10. Toronto man jailed for fraud in nhl players union
  11. Small volcanic island between java and sumatra
  12. Treadmill used by a canine to turn a spit
  13. Data block count


  1. Mamma mia
    1. Musical based around abbas biggest hits
    2. Italian expression and one of abbas songs
    3. The film featuring meryl streep and abba songs
    4. Musical featuring abba songs
  2. Mamma  mia
    1. Musical based on the songs of abba
    2. Stage and movie musical with abba songs


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  2. Say the nag running in it should give up running
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  6. Broadway's longest-running musical
  7. Long-running b'way musical seen by couples?
  8. Long-running broadway musical, familiarly
  9. Long running broadway musical: __ of the opera
  10. "phantom" surpassed it as the longest-running broadway musical
  11. Second-longest-running broadway musical ever (after the phantom of the opera)
  12. Minor musical mode running d to d in c major
  13. Longest running musical club, guinness world record that queen holds
  14. Musical in which musical
  15. First british musical to get the best musical tony
  16. Musical that won the first tony for best musical
  17. Musical returns with manx orchestra leader renowned for a series of short musical notes
  18. Musical sequences must have musical quality in principle
  19. Musical piece made up of a series of musical pieces
  20. 1900's us musical style; also a broadway musical


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