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  1. Lombardy's lake ___
  2. Lombardy capital
  3. Lombardy province or its
  4. Lombardy town
  5. Capital of lombardy
  6. Lombardy holiday area, favoured by george clooney and madonna
  7. Meaning 'beautiful country' in italian, a creamy cheese from lombardy
  8. Lombardy language
  9. Lombardy skiing destination
  10. Lombardy province
  11. Lakeside lombardy resort
  12. Lombardy's locale
  13. Italian city, in lombardy
  14. Lombardy dialect
  15. City in lombardy which was at its height in the 16th century
  16. Expanse of marl dug out of lombardy
  17. Light, in lombardy
  18. Semi-soft cow's milk cheese from lombardy
  19. Lombardy's land
  20. Tourist destination of lombardy


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  3. Improve amend
  4. Word with recorder or measure
  5. Tannery tub
  6. Actress ward of house
  7. Parent of a newborn, typically
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