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  1. Cher's portrayer in 'clueless'cher's portrayer in 'clueless'
  2. Actor neill et al.
  3. Preside over mr. o'neill'
  4. Neill's "jurassic park" c
  5. O'neill's "beyond the ___
  6. Eugene o'neill's "___ for
  7. Drama initially introduced in o'neill plays is well-established
  8. O'neill's "desire under t
  9. O'neill's "a touch of the
  10. Like o'neill's "bound eas
  11. O'neill and others
  12. Sullivan and o'neill
  13. Eugene o'neill's only com
  14. Expressionistic o'neill p
  15. Miss o'neill
  16. End of an o'neill title
  17. Wife in o'neill's "desire
  18. O'neill's christie
  19. Start of an o'neill title
  20. Eugene o'neill's "___ chr


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  3. Rapper/actor who plays a detective on tv
  4. Prince's little ___ corvette
  5. Tight-fitting one-piece garment
  6. Contraction that annoys the grammar police
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