The answer to this crossword puzzle is 3 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Lob trajectory"

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  1. Arc
    1. Basketball court's three-
    2. Path followed by a shooting star
    3. A papal line
    4. Apparent path of the sun
    5. Cyclometer measurement
    6. Shape on a suspension bridge


  1. Firecracker's trajectory
  2. Waterspout trajectory
  3. Rocket's trajectory
  4. High-trajectory toss
  5. Curved trajectory
  6. Trajectory shape
  7. Trajectory paths
  8. Norm has a short missile for this trajectory
  9. Trajectory of a tom brady pass
  10. Three-point shot's trajectory
  11. Having the trajectory of a pop-up hit
  12. Chip shot's trajectory
  13. Trajectory
  14. Fly trajectory
  15. Biko's last part of speech about the african rights leaders gives trajectory of wasted shot
  16. Bond -- that man's in a downward career trajectory
  17. Fly ball trajectory
  18. Parabolic trajectory
  19. Three-pointer's trajectory
  20. Slow-pitch trajectory


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  2. End of an oktoberfest quaff
  3. Cronkite concern
  4. Sand castle-making need
  5. It may be benign
  6. Sans footwear
  7. Nasdaq opener
  8. Robert knievel, to most