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  1. Beethoven contemporary
  2. Keplers contemporary and assistant
  3. Bara contemporary
  4. Dali contemporary
  5. Contemporary of 8 to sanction talk at table
  6. Contemporary of agatha
  7. Bernhardt contemporary of
  8. Vermeer and rembrandt contemporary
  9. Contemporary of modernism
  10. Freud contemporary
  11. Contemporary of saint-saens
  12. Contemporary of baiul and
  13. Agatha contemporary
  14. Contemporary art exhibits
  15. Hogan contemporary
  16. Contemporary author-illus
  17. Locomobile contemporary
  18. Oneill contemporary
  19. Contemporary of voltaire
  20. Duchamp contemporary


  1. Lily's role in all of me
  2. Fish with a pointed snout
  3. Picks up gradually
  4. Type of wave or spree
  5. Amusement park shuttles
  6. Holder of a toothbrush toothpaste comb etc.
  7. Note in the distance
  8. Radars favorite soda