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  1. Bit of planning board planning
  2. Clue about little boy, quiet little chap?clue about little boy, quiet little chap?
  3. Just a little be a little with a little six-footer before a little mother turns up
  4. Advance planning
  5. Products of planning
  6. Bit of financial planning
  7. Bit of finan. planning
  8. Family planning options, briefly
  9. Vacation-planning aids
  10. Planning to informally
  11. Without proper planning
  12. Big planning on madison a
  13. Subjects of planning
  14. Case for a planning board
  15. Bad bit of planning
  16. When all one's planning i
  17. Without much planning
  18. Head of planning apt to be easily influenced
  19. Planning detail
  20. Planning to vote no


  1. One tending to brood and attack animal
  2. One spouted, always inhibiting wife
  3. One ruining device that lowers lift
  4. One originating at isle of wight resort lacking second name
  5. One sharing with me has opportunity to finish board game
  6. One who gives you soap and flannel
  7. One replying to research on study
  8. One provoking quote penned by indiana republican