The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Little created by e.b. white"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Stuart
    1. House of charles i and ii
    2. Fictional mouse ___ little
    3. Portraitist of george was
    4. Little of childrens literature
    5. Prolific suspense novelis
    6. Scottish royal family


  1. Clue about little boy, quiet little chap?clue about little boy, quiet little chap?
  2. Müller-__ white grape created by swiss botanist
  3. White who co-created hbo's 'enlightened' and played the real ned schneebly in 'school of rock'*
  4. "little" comic strip character created in 1935
  5. Where croissants are created 7 little words
  6. One has very little time on such a very little street. very little
  7. The little beast, a little dear, a little toy
  8. Give the little dear the little money for the little fur
  9. Little in little street with a little sugar
  10. Go a little south, have a little drink, have a little chat
  11. Fellows having little time before, little time after -- altogether little time
  12. The "white" of "white chr
  13. The 'white' of 'white christmas'
  14. Erstwhile detergent that pledged 'white white washes without red hands'
  15. '01 white stripes album "white blood ___"
  16. ___ white (clue character)___ white (clue character)
  17. White dog the white city, perhaps
  18. "every town has the same two malls: the one white people go to, and the one white people used to go to."
  19. Apart from spanish white wine, mostly french white wine
  20. Soft white stuff's white side evens out in broadcast


  1. Y in radio comms
  2. Set of regulars to barmen: 'we pour over barrel here, perhaps'
  3. Long loincloth worn by men in india
  4. Lp material
  5. That's right. olivia ordered pasta
  6. Eg, thames or nile
  7. Therapist, shrink
  8. Small number by road regularly on call