CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Lion king broadway director"

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  1. George ____ american broadway producer director
  2. Garson ___, writer and director of broadway's 'born yesterday'
  3. Director of 23-down on broadway
  4. Director of the first film to win all five top oscars (best picture director actor actress and screenplay)
  5. ''clueless'' director''clueless'' director
  6. Sir richard –, film, theatre, tv and opera director; national theatre director 1988-97
  7. 2018 drama film which won its director alfonso cuaron the 2019 golden globe award for best director
  8. Creative director of ysl gucci and film director
  9. Broadway hit that origina
  10. Broadway conductor lehman
  11. Brooks of broadway
  12. Broadway premiere of apri
  13. Broadway person
  14. One hailed on broadway?
  15. Broadway deli offerings?
  16. Broadway hit subtitled "a
  17. Broadway musical and movi
  18. Bernadette of broadway
  19. Broadway auntie
  20. Annual broadway event


  1. Confusing medical lecture
  2. Closed violently
  3. Close to 10 say
  4. ___ sedgwick 1960s it girl
  5. Gryffindor who founded gryffindor house at hogwarts
  6. Transfer of power to a lower level
  7. *needlepoint e.g.
  8. Concern for shipping and software companies