The answer to this crossword puzzle is 16 letters long and begins with J

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Line never said by 99-across"

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  1. Never at 9 across and never 9 across
  2. Never, never, never
  3. Never, never, never fall for such a euphemism!
  4. The first parts of 17- and 22-across are always this, the first part of 46-across is sometimes this, and the first part of 55-across is never this
  5. If she loses her head she is never the same, but never be a 34 across
  6. Where 16-across, 23-across, 46-across and 55-across all got their work done
  7. Genre for 1- & 22-across, 22- & 26-across, 26- & 46-across and 46- & 49-across
  8. With 25-across, 37-across, 48-across and 57-across, late night partier's quote
  9. What you'd never do in 29 across is sound like 30 across
  10. 'it's never 22 across at 21 across (2,2,3,3)'
  11. Native american chief would never, never return
  12. Never-never land
  13. Never down at the end - never much background
  14. Never-never
  15. Sexy assassin in never say never again
  16. 19 sends back pastries with never, never half sparkle
  17. Bedfordshire house used as a location in never say never again and the world is not enough
  18. Never, in faith, never is he beginning to be a juvenile delinquent
  19. Never left down and never lying
  20. 'never - -! never go to sleep!' (dorothy l. sayers, murder must advertise)


  1. Rising in heat, chilli coolish initially on good italian dish
  2. Constellation - sea monster
  3. Runner beginning to run, one runs!
  4. Big name in artisanal bread
  5. Most populous hawaiian island
  6. Exercise before second drink
  7. Warming device, unit with cobra snakes
  8. Giving a subtle difference to