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  1. Flag lieutenant
  2. Lieutenant of 1970s tv
  3. Lieutenant on the original u.s.s. enterprise
  4. Lieutenant informally
  5. No lieutenant yet: abbr.
  6. Ferrara who directed “bad lieutenant” 1992
  7. Fervent father thrashed english lieutenant
  8. Romantic thought is introduced to lieutenant
  9. Lieutenant initially entering hq in swiss city
  10. Exercise beyond shakespearean lieutenant, one with a vain queen
  11. Covering lieutenant's rank being put up
  12. Lieutenant in "the fugiti
  13. The last word in lieutenant’s threnody
  14. Lieutenant of capone
  15. Othello’s lieutenant
  16. Glove drawn on the french lieutenant's bottom
  17. Chess piece lieutenant put back in box
  18. Lieutenant: abbr.
  19. Singer — a lieutenant, old
  20. Soften, ultimately calm, english lieutenant


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