The answer to this crossword puzzle is 3 letters long and begins with P.
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Added on Friday, April 10, 2020


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  1. Psi
    1. Chi's follower
    2. Electric flux symbol
    3. Wave function symbol
    4. Telekinesis, e.g.
    5. Fig. checked during re-tire-ment?
    6. Scuba tank meas.


  1. Letter spelled by inserting a letter into another letter
  2. It becomes another garment when its middle letter is changed to o
  3. One relative without uniform, another without clothes
  4. Bird protected by another without beginning and without end
  5. I am up in the middle in the middle of this age
  6. 'he, in the middle of the middle, will give it stick (6)'
  7. He is in the middle of the middle and will stick there
  8. It's only fair to go in middle of middle of september and end of january
  9. He in the middle of the middle will stick there
  10. Middle's middle
  11. 'the middle in the middle, just for the record (6)'
  12. At least forty for the middle in the middle of the ship
  13. One is simply in the middle of the middle of the church
  14. In the middle, in short, it's little in the middle
  15. Middle class resident, in the middle ages
  16. 'gee, in the middle of the seed they're not in the middle! (5)'
  17. The in the middle, not in the middle
  18. Shakespearean king turning up in middle of visit to see middle-easterner
  19. Two in the middle of "middle"
  20. Middle middle


  1. A person whose trade is to cut meat for food
  2. How to get away with , viola davis drama series
  3. English scientist known for his work on gravity
  4. Water , record of how much a person drinks
  5. Two piece swimwear not very practical for swimming
  6. Young hen, not an egg layer
  7. This entire bathroom can be used as a shower
  8. Luxurious thick furry material