The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Leave no 10 in bind, reeling"


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  1. Exit
    1. Up next
    2. Passage out
    3. Way out
    4. Cloverleaf feature
    5. It might be shown to one
    6. Split


  1. Movement that might leave you reeling
  2. Leave reeling
  3. Words that leave one in a bind?
  4. Reeling feeling
  5. Reeling
  6. Urban area - us one - to censure reeling drunk
  7. Reeling, right off, margaret's violin piece?
  8. Arrests drunkard, reeling in boozers
  9. Feeling while reeling
  10. Song about break-up from dearest, reeling in the years
  11. Fellow consumer about to join party at pub reeling
  12. Japanese massage -- it has us reeling
  13. "the reeling" passion ___
  14. Hell! bag lady's sent reeling, we're told
  15. Novel finished with unexpected plot development: one's left reeling within
  16. Upset beer left louis reeling and in an angry state …
  17. Met the lady reeling, soaked in alcohol
  18. Slush - it sent men reeling
  19. Figure drink at swell party will get daughter reeling
  20. Be sent reeling


  1. 1938 dupont invention
  2. Lawmaking grp.
  3. Roll-call responses
  4. Dairy sounds
  5. Montreal canadiens, for short
  6. Sister of charlotte
  7. Bet predicting first and second place
  8. Fat-soluble preservative