CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Leave henry for large yank"

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  1. Heave
    1. Ambassador has a very english fling
    2. Not just fling
    3. Stop, at sea
    4. Pitch
    5. Lose it
    6. Cry to anchor men


  1. 12th-century empress; the daughter of henry i and the mother of henry ii
  2. Henry v, to henry iv
  3. Patrick henry or henry clay
  4. Henry and june's friend in 'henry & june'
  5. Son of henry and father of henry ii
  6. Henry vii and henry viii, for two
  7. Henry i, king of england, also known as henry --
  8. Henry's first and henry's second turned reddish-brown
  9. English royal house to which henry vii, henry viii, edward vi, mary i and elizabeth i belonged
  10. I must leave literary ireland and henry the rest, for a long time
  11. Having had interruptions from henry and rex, leave port
  12. Lie like this and don't leave, but your animal will leave
  13. Clues like this, i see, leave one hollowclues like this, i see, leave one hollow
  14. The sort of leave for which one has no leave to take
  15. Leave behind ... or not leave behind
  16. "if you leave, don't leave now" band
  17. Leave to leave
  18. Wrongly warn henry about large sea-creature
  19. Henry leaves large basket with english scientist
  20. This may do for henry i, but it's a large flat


  1. Incorporated one pet in arrangement that’s emerging
  2. Driving support
  3. One pound and fivepence
  4. Major name in grills
  5. Get better after a lime squash or tea, perhaps
  6. Her coarse order to a runner
  7. Perverted - immoral
  8. I tremble after passing maiden note