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  1. Chicago ___ (show that airs before chicago fire and chicago p.d.)
  2. Actor jon of 'chicago p.d.' and 'chicago justice'
  3. Actor jon of nbc's chicago p.d. and chicago fire
  4. Chicago guy from chicago
  5. Big name in chicago polit
  6. Chicago trains
  7. Papa bear of chicago bears history
  8. Chicago airport code
  9. Chicago airport
  10. Chicago cubs' station
  11. Richard of "chicago"
  12. Chicago mayor emanuel
  13. Chicago suburb
  14. Chicago transports
  15. Golden globe-winning actor for chicago
  16. Chicago terminal code
  17. Chicago district, with "t
  18. Chicago's little village,
  19. Infamous chicago bootlegger
  20. Chicago-to-memphis dir.


  1. Person not hesitant to throw in the towel
  2. Worlds rarest goose
  3. Prez from 1933 to 1945
  4. 51 past
  5. Pressure lead-in
  6. Cultural standard
  7. Get ready to eat?
  8. Ask overly invasive questions